About jaakko

After graduating as a Professional Photographer from Lahti University of Applied Sciences (1995) Jaakko Jaskari co-founded a new generation vocational school for media students, Mediakylpylä (Mediabath), where he worked as the Head of Photography department 1995-1997 and 2000-2002. 

From 2002 on he concentated in photography for main media distributors of Finland, various domestic and international organisations, corporations, labour unions, entrepreneurs, artists and startups. He travels well, works with people from all walks of life and carries a depth of experience with diverse cultures.

He started filming digital videos already in 1996 and graduated as a Professional Video Editor in 2013, KEUDA, Helsinki, Finland. Aside of producing corporate videos, his mission has been directing and filming diverse human interest documentaries. His first international full length documentary “Jack in the Land of Transpinays” was premiered in Helsinki International Film Festival, September 2015 and it was screened in My true Colors -festival, NYC, June 2016

He is the founder member and Visual Connector of “eCars – Now!”, an open source movement that developes modular combustion engine – to electric car conversions.

Jaakko is also an NLP Licensed Master Practitioner.


Jaakko is a social character and an energic team worker. Yet he also works independently and travels with ease in foreign cultutures. His problem solving skills is exemplary. This became evident during our NIKOLA projects in China, USA and Australia. Jaakko was also active in planning and selling the Technology Report of TINDO in Adelaide, South Australia. He holds firmly to schedules and production budgets. Petteri Harjula, CEO, X-Cellar.com (formerly www.nikola.fi)

Jaakko has worked as my main freelancer photographer for over ten years. My work would be much more challenging without this fast, friendly, proactive, loved and respected photographer. The quality of his work is always excellent. With Jaakko I can concentrate fully in my own work. He always does more than asked. Emilia Salovaara, journalist, blogger, Me Naiset (formerly APU & ANNA)